The Fatima Cream is a light beige / whitish coloured limestone, with thin to medium grain and uniform background. In terms of hardness, this is a soft limestone.
It is extracted by some quarries around the religious town of Fatima, but it has a considerable area for future extraction expansion. The blocks extracted are usually large.

creme fatima moleanos bege


  • Compression breaking load 825 kg/cm2
  • Compression breaking load after freezing test 25 kg/cm2
  • Bending strength 144 kg/cm2
  • Volumetric weight 2570 kg/m3
  • Water absorption at N.P. conditions 4.35 %
  • Apparent porosity 3.48 %
  • Thermal linear expansion coefficient max. val. 3.1 x 10 -6 perº C
  • Abrasion test 3.5 mm
  • Impact test: minimum fall height 35-40 cm

*These are generic reference values and therefore subject to variations.

creme fatima moleanos bege


Mostly used in facade cladding, tiles and masonry applications. Can also be applied on columns, ballusters or even fireplaces.

Elegant and Welcoming

Fatima Cream is one of the main national limestones used as ornamental stones, which is sold to the national and foreign market thanks to its quality and significant reserves.

creme fatima moleanos bege
creme fatima moleanos bege
“The ease of exploration of most Portuguese limestones, the abundance of reserves, the size of the blocks available and their great textural and chromatic homogeneity have allowed good qualities to be offered at favorable prices, and these have been much demanded by the markets.”
Carvalho, Manuppella & Casal Moura