Our Company – Extrastone – Portuguese Limestone Blocks

Nowadays, we live in a constantly changing reality, where innovation, differentiation and usability are the words that define the market.

Extrastone, a company incorporated in 2006, with the purpose of extracting and marketing Ornamental Stones, namely Creme Fátima Blocks. The company was acquired in 2016, taking advantage of their long experience, more than 25 years, related to the extraction of ornamental stones.
During the year 2016, the company acquired land that allowed the duplication of the exploration area, which allowed to secure future reserves. Final customers are becoming more demanding, always looking for a highlight for their product, in order to have an element of differentiation, whether it’s social, business, technological or emotional.

Extrastone - Portuguese Limestone Blocks

Our exploration area belongs to the core of quarries in Fátima, Portugal, where we carry out our activity of extracting the raw material. The process is lead by teams of specialized professionals, so that we can deliver to our customers the product with the required quality standards, at competitive prices.
Nature is our place of work and, with environmental awareness, we try to maintain virgin areas as well as recover areas that have already been drained. We are also committed to maintain the best carbon dioxide ratios emitted per cubic meter removed.

Limestone Block Fatima Cream


Our values ensure the effectiveness of our integrated and decentralized approach to the market and help us achieve our goal of improving the global distribution chain for the raw material of Fatima stone.



Take on local products and traditions (Fatima) and take them across borders, energizing the local economy, helping country people, contributing with our products to the modernization and construction of the new milestones of humanity.

Extrastone Vision


By investing in the promotion and sale of our product directly to the final customer, achieving sustained growth in order to offer better conditions for work, create more jobs and bet on new technologies that will allow us in the future to start selling our finished product.

Extrastone Citizenship


We actively contribute to the development of the social and economic structure of the communities in which we operate, we try to be defenders of the environment, calling for a rational extraction of our natural resources, requalifying degraded or abandoned areas, namely through renaturation and recovery of natural habitats.

Our Commitment

Estabilished in 2006, Extrastone has now become a company more mature and confident about its goals.

This is why we want to proceed in using the new technologies in the market, both on the extraction and treatment of stone, and in communication. We want to be closer to our customers, betting on services and platforms that allow us to establish a bridge between a quality service and proximity to our customers. The purpose is to combine the unquestionable quality of our products with a human enterprise, made by people and for people.

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