Limestone Blocks Suppliers

We extract limestone blocks known as Creme Fátima

With more than 25 years working in the field, directly with the extraction of limestone stones in Fátima – Portugal, we are a quarry located in the Serra de Mira de Aire e Candeeiros, which, although constituted in 2006, we consider to be still in full Growth in the life cycle of a product.

We want to be innovative, to differentiate ourselves at work and above all to become a value to all the players in this sector that attract us so much. We represent a greater investment in the limestone sector of the Region, acquiring new land that allowed us to double our area of limestone and granite stones in our Quarry at Portugal.

We want to invest on the promotion and the direct sale of our product to the end customer, in order to obtain a sustained growth and thus offer better conditions for work, create more jobs and improve our technologies that allow us, in the future, to sell our finished product.

Portuguese Limestone


It is the concept used on everything we do. It means not only doing what is necessary but also what is right. To act ethically and fairly by delivering on all our promises to colleagues and clients. It is the honesty and justice that direct all of our actions.


We encourage free discussion and place confidence in our employees. We value new ideas and opinions and expect to hear accurate information, even – or especially – when they do not bring good news. Trust in the honesty and ability of our customers and employees is what makes the team more efficient.


With the acquisition of the land, we were able to cover more markets, with more quality raw material. By improving the technology we can have a better presentation of the finished product.


We contribute actively to the development of the social and economic structure of the communities in which we operate. Within the possibilities, we try to be defenders of the environment, calling for a rational extraction of our natural resources, requalifying the degraded or abandoned areas, namely, by renaturation and recovery of natural habitats.


Teamwork is essential because no one dominates the market with only good ideas and/or intentions. Despite being Entrepreneurs with a natural competitive spirit, our efforts achieve better results when we work as a Team, sharing our visions, combining efforts and multiplying strengths. We value individual excellence and teamwork for the benefit of all parties involved.

Limestone Quarry Portugal

We extract limestone blocks known as Fatima Cream from our own Quarry. Come and visit us!

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